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LynnMark Solutions Inc. is a comprehensive community continuum of care and human services organization. Our services are tailored to meet the needs of the individual and their families and assist in the achievement of their individual self-defined treatment goals and wellness needs. Central to our approach is our belief that individuals are in the best position to determine their own treatment needs, and in their uniqueness, are the most qualified determinants of their personal wellness definition.

On May 11, 2020, LynnMark Solutions, Inc. was established as a Nonprofit 501c3 to serve as a continuum of support in our mission to provide the first step toward channeling an individual’s potential into action. Our goals are to provide supportive services, financial education, and character development for displaced teens, veterans and others so they may create positive and sustainable change in their lives and in their communities.


Our character development, family reunification, prison re-entry, money boot camp, and workforce development programming will identify and help to mend the shattered links between the clients, the families, and the communities they come from. In short, we want to help change our client’s thinking and ultimately their behavior so that they have a better chance of becoming the person they aspire to be and become strong productive members of their communities and society on a whole.


But we won’t be able to accomplish any of these without the community commitment from law enforcement, Department of Health, Social Services, Veterans Administrations, local government, schools, businesses and most importantly the faith based community. Our board of directors believe that together as a community, we can help our citizens and families heal. We can provide "The first step toward channeling an individual’s potential into action."

Certified. Responsive. Compassionate.

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Client Stories

"A job well done"


"Keep doing what you do Mike. Because people like me have a chance with counselors like you that fill us with the tools and knowledge to know how to live life the way we are suppose to." ~ Chuck S.

"Committment to Others In Need!"


"Michael Strong has been blessed with the ability to discern the problems others are experiencing and the approach needed to meet those problems. I was impressed with his commitment to others in need. Michael was the first contact that a homeless, addicted veteran has with our agency. Michael was chosen to be the face of MCVET to persons who were distrustful of others, rebellious against authority, and 75% percent of the time, diagnosed with a mental health challenge. Our choice of Michael represented our belief that he was the best person because he could deal with the myriad of circumstances surrounding perspective applicants." 


Dr. Jack R. M. Pierce, Former Executive Director, Maryland Center for Veterans Education and Training

How it Works
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